It’s not just small business owners that realize the cost and strategic benefits of hiring outsourced workers, also known as freelancers. The Examiner listed nine big companies that are using outsourced workers. The big brands include Shutterfly, Microsoft, AT&T, Nintendo, Bloomberg, PayPal,  Time Warner Cable, and Facebook. Each of these companies regularly advertise outsourced positions, noting that they have realized significant cost advantages while also tapping into some of the best talent who know prefers to work as a freelancer rather than regular employee. In this article, Due’s freelance guide was listed, which includes a state  of the industry roundup of freelancing to illustrate the potential that exist for both talent and the companies that  can leverage the competitive advantage they deliver. You can read the original article here.

To learn more about the freelance industry and how you might join it or further leverage the opportunities available to work on your terms, check out the freelance guide mentioned in the article.