The Next Web asked 13 industry experts about the types of fundraising mistakes to avoid when raising money for a startup. Due Founder and CEO John Rampton provided one fundraising mistake to avoid, which is that a founder should not select an investor that has different expectations.

He used his own personal experience where he did not realize that his investor was expecting something different in terms of how the money would be spent and would it would be delivered. For John, it meant he was short for two weeks on his last venture, which held up the launch of the business. Going forward, John now makes sure he and investors see eye-to-eye on every aspect of the working relationship.

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And, if you think it takes tons of money to succeed or a valuation like a unicorn to make it in today’s business environment, then think again. John Rampton’s blog post on how to succeed without being a unicorn provides great advice.

Fundraising Mistakes To Avoid