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My Pinterest Strategy for 2019

Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic

Pinterest is the highest source of traffic to my site. The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s a search engine that people use to find cool things. They go onto it looking for ideas and blog posts to read. Lately, I’ve been rethinking my Pinterest strategy for 2019. 

I shared my Pinterest strategy in a past post. But since then, I’ve made a couple of tweaks to increase my reach. I currently get 1.7 million monthly viewers on the platform. Yet I noticed that my growth had plateaued.

I made a few changes and over the last week I’ve seen a nice amount of growth in views on my Pinterest profile and activity from my website. Here are a few changes I’ve made to my Pinterest strategy for 2019: 

My Pinterest strategy

Look at Your Top Performing Boards

Scheduling systems like Tailwind make it very easy to schedule pins and leave it all to work its own magic. But you do have to check into your strategy every once in a while to make sure that it’s working.

Go into your Pinterest analytics under your profile and see what boards are performing the best. These are the boards you should focus on when putting out great content. Low performing boards should get fewer pins.

Revisit Your Group Board Strategy

Group boards aren’t completely a thing of the past yet but they may give you less reach based on my experiment. I stopped publishing as many pins to group boards at the beginning of March. As you can see from my chart above, my impressions started to go up as a result. 

I discovered that my own boards were performing WAY better than some of the group boards that I was in. I didn’t leave any group boards. I’m not suggesting that you leave group boards either because we both know how much of a process it is to join them. But play around with your pinning strategy. Stop pinning to group boards and then start again to see if there’s a difference in your reach. Because of the results, my Pinterest strategy for 2019 is to focus on my own boards since they are doing well. 

Push Out New Content

The second thing I did besides cutting down on my activity to group boards is pushing out new content. Over the last week, I’ve been publishing two blog posts per day. Pinterest seems to love this. Try putting out new pieces of quality content consistently. You can’t rely on your old content to push you forward.

I was thinking just sharing my old content was enough, but the virality of an old pin will only last for so long. You need to create new viral pins to sustain the traffic.

How to Grow from Square One

If you’re just starting to grow your Pinterest profile, the best way I know how is to still use the group board method. The group board method is when you reach out to other pinners to ask if you can join boards where there are a bunch of collaborators.

When you pin to these group boards your content gets shared with their followers. This is how Pinterest users can go viral with only a handful of followers.

While pinning to group boards you should also be focusing on your account. Start 5 to 10 boards of your own that are specific to your niche. Pin quality content to your boards and share your own content to the boards.

If you see a trend like I did where your own boards start to perform better, consider scheduling to your boards more than to your group boards.

Final Word

I’ve been experimenting with Pinterest methods over the last several years. This is what’s working for me now and what I’m sticking with! If you’re experiencing a plateau on Pinterest, this is something that you may want to consider trying.

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