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6 Reasons Why Mobile Invoicing Will Make Your Life Easier

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As a small business owner you’ll grow to love and hate invoicing. Business owners love it because it represents pay day. On the other hand sending and tracking invoices can be both frustrating and tedious. That’s exactly why business owners all over the world are making the change to online invoicing solutions. More specifically – mobile invoicing.

Here are six reasons why mobile invoicing will simply make your life easier:

You’ll Save Money

First and foremost mobile invoicing will save you money. Off the bat you’ll eliminate costs for paper, postage, ink, and the employees needed for your accounts receivables. Many small business owners need to hire a part-time accountant or delegate manual invoicing to an employee. By utilizing a digital invoicing solution there’s no longer a need to file, scan, and organize all your accounting paperwork. With all the time you’ve saved you can delegate other work to the employee or even manage invoicing yourself.

Your Office is In Your Back Pocket

One of the greatest things about mobile invoicing is that your office can be in your back pocket. Most small business owners are constantly on the move. Whether you’re meeting the next client or flying coast to coast closing deals you’ll need the ability to invoice on the go. With mobile invoicing you can create and send invoices directly from the palm of your hand.

Improve Customer Relationships

Mobile invoicing is a more convenient way for your customers to pay as well. As you improve your relationships with your customers you’ll see a decrease in payment delays and an increase in your bottom line. The most popular payment solutions that offer mobile invoicing typically offer your clients multiple payment options like credit and debit cards, eCheck’s, ACH, and even cryptocurrencies.

Better For The Environment

When you utilize a digital payment solution over paper invoices you’re saving the environment every time you send an invoice. It’s estimated that online invoicing is four times more environmentally friendly than paper invoices. Beyond just saving paper you’re eliminating the need to deliver the invoices, produce the ink, etc…These may seem insignificant but you have to remember – every little bit counts. This may not improve your life overnight but if we all do our part we can improve the lives of the generations to come.

Streamline Your Entire Billing Process

The majority of modern payment tools are able to integrate with one another reducing the need to manually input data into each software. This most definitely applies to mobile invoicing applications as well. When selecting your mobile invoicing product make sure you inquire about available integrations. For example, you may need to integrate with your expense management software if your invoicing solution doesn’t cover accounts payables. These integrations are a great way to standardize your billing process.

Keep Client Information In One Place

Last but not least with mobile invoicing you’ll be able to easily keep track of your clients. With proper mobile invoicing software you should be able to create and save clients in the system for later use. Most of these devices will store this data securely and in the cloud so you don’t even have to worry about losing your device. Some online invoicing platforms allow you to create and save items as well so invoicing your clients is just a few clicks away!

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that we’re moving towards a completely digital economy. When it comes to invoicing you definitely want to keep up with the times. Your cash flow depends on it.

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