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How to Keep Business Momentum Going

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Have you built up some business momentum in the last few weeks? Maybe you’ve landed a big new client, or you set a new years resolution that you’ve been sticking to diligently. That’s great for you and your business, and you want to keep moving in this direction.

In order to keep the good times rolling, you need to do three things.

Track What’s Working

There is a reason that everyone is so obsessed with data today. It helps you find out exactly what’s working for you. The next step is to double down on that.

Is there an email you’ve sent to two clients that has gotten a good response? Have you started posting new pictures on Instagram that are getting more engagement? Those are the things that you can do more of to keep your business momentum going.

Set aside an hour each week to go through your social stats, your best email exchanges, and your most popular blog posts. Note down what works best and incorporate more of that into your work moving forward.

Keep Inspiration Handy

Inspiration is a powerful feeling. It motivates us in our hearts and minds, and it can drive us to achieve things that we never thought possible.

It’s also a short lived feeling. How many times have you heard an incredible speech and left feeling inspired, and then have it vanish over the course of the next few hours?

Keep things that inspire you near you. A photo of the house you want to live in one day, or a picture from a place you want to visit. I’m personally a big fan of inspiration quotes, which I keep on the cork board above my desk.

Springboard Off Of Your Successes

One success should be seen as a gateway to another. Let’s say that you land a big new contract with a large client. You can use that one deal to help land another. Highlight the work you do for that client in your portfolio. Put their logo on your website as a place you’ve been featured. Link to the work you did for them in prospective emails that you send out to other clients.

One large deal can turn into another if you position yourself correctly. You’re looking for the snowball effect: you want one good thing to turn into another.

Keeping business momentum going will do more to further your business and career than anything else. The time is now; seize upon moments of magnitude for your business and multiply them.

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