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Blog » Inspirational Finance Quotes » J. Paul Getty – Rise Early, Work Late and Strike Oil

J. Paul Getty – Rise Early, Work Late and Strike Oil

J. Paul Getty - Rise Early, Work Late and Strike Oil

“My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil.”

-J. Paul Getty

I remember watching Beverley Hillbillies as a kid, and one of my fondest memories of the show was the theme song where it goes “oil that is, black gold, Texas tea”. The main character was an overly poor average man with a family, until one day he struck oil on his property, a corporate bourgeois swooped in and paid him pennies on the dollar for it, but he became a millionaire overnight and moved his family to Beverley Hills.

While there are quite a few entertaining mishaps throughout the episodes, being that the family is a bunch of un-educated, non technological hillbillies, but the sad truth is that we can’t all strike it rich in an instant. True luck and circumstance certainly are involved in many cases, but I believe that the main part of the quote to refer to is the first bit; rise early, and work late. Many philosophers have quoted the benefits of rising early, and now science has verifiable proof to back it up.

With the working late, I wouldn’t say to stay up all night (then there is no way I would be able to rise early the next morning) but work hard and work smart. My brother is a workaholic, truly, he gets excited about coming home a day early from vacation to work. You can’t get to where he is without an insane amount of work. So put in a few extra hours, buckle down and focus on the task at hand, and stop thinking that you can achieve every goal without a lot of work (and effort) put in.

Work hard, work smart, and focus!


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