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5 Signs You Might Need to Hire a Business Coach

Posted on August 15th, 2017
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Few of us know everything. In fact, most of us need guidance and teaching to help us reach our full potential. This is true in school, learning new hobbies, and just about every facet of life. A coach or mentor can help you learn and grow. But many entrepreneurs are reluctant to hire a business coach.

This can be a mistake. You might be missing out on important lessons and ideas without a business coach. Here are five signs that it might be time to hire a business coach to help you take your venture to the next level:

1. You Don’t See the Results You Want

The biggest reason to hire a business coach is that you aren’t seeing the results you want. You have goals, but you can’t seem to reach them. Too often, part of the problem is that you are too close to the situation. You think you know what you need to do. Or maybe you are attached to a product or idea that really isn’t working.

A business coach can bring an outsider’s subjective view to the situation and help you get beyond the problem. When you don’t see the results you want, it might be time to get someone to help you figure out why. A good coach can help you analyze what you’re doing, get to the heart of why it’s not working, and then make changes that help you plot a new course.

2. You Feel Overwhelmed by the Business

Starting to feel overwhelmed by your business? That can be a sign that it’s time to hire a business coach to get you through the problem. When you feel overwhelmed, as if there isn’t enough time in the day, that can be a sign that you’re ready for a coach.

Your business coach can come in, look at your processes, and suggest changes. Additionally, your coach will look at your use of time and help you pinpoint the time-wasters that are costing you. The outside view can help you shake things up.

3. You Have Trouble Implementing

Do you know what you need to do, but aren’t following through? You might need to hire a business coach to get you out of this rut.

This happens to me sometimes. I know what needs to be done. However, sometimes I just don’t do it. Sometimes I don’t understand the specific steps it takes to actually implement. Other times, I lack motivation or someone to hold me accountable. A business coach can help you work through these issues, set up action steps, and hold you accountable moving forward. Implementation becomes easier when you have a coach.

4. You Hope to Save Time and Money

It seems counterintuitive, but the reality of the situation is that you can save time and money when you hire a business coach. Yes, it takes time to work with your coach. And the coach is definitely going to charge you. However, this is an investment that can pay big time dividends. Put in the work and money, and you’ll see a return. Your coach can help you learn better productivity tips, implement systems that save you time, and reduce your long-term costs. Learn from someone who has been there, and save yourself time, money, and frustration down the road.

5. You Need Someone to Talk To

You can’t always talk to your employees about what’s happening with your business, and how to make it grow. If you need someone to talk to, a business coach can help. Bounce ideas off your coach and get honest feedback. You can start moving forward with the help of someone you know you can trust to tell it like it is so you can move your business forward.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit

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