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Great Apps for Business Travelers

Payment Apps

Every single dollar a company invests in business travel can generate up to $9.50 in revenue collected and $2.90 in profit. So it is no wonder that every single day, there are over one million business travelers out on the road, trying to close the deal. Being out of the office does not mean you have to be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting work done, however. There are hundreds of apps that can ease the burden while you away from your desk, and help you stay as productive as you need to be until you return home. Here are some great business apps that you need to download if you’re a business traveler.

Easier Air Travel

There are some great apps out there that can make your experiences with air travel–both in the airport and while in flight–less stressful and more productive. GateGuru can take the all of the uncertainty out of airport navigation. The app, available for free on iPhones and Android devices, displays where your gate is and provides real-time flight status; it can also help you locate certain amenities within the airport, such as restaurants and coffee shops. SeatGuru, on the other hand, can help make your time in the flight even better. The app displays seating maps for your scheduled flight to help you pick the best place to sit; it even shows where the power outlets are located, so you can keep your mobile devices fired up on long flights.

Hassle-Free Ground Travel

Once you get to your destination, there are apps that can make ground travel much easier for business travelers. You can forego a rental car and expensive, unreliable cabs altogether if you download Uber on your iPhone or Android device today. The app lets you instantly connect with one of Uber’s millions of drivers, gives you an instant price, and your estimated arrival time. If you do decide to get a rental car instead, and are traveling to an unfamiliar place, make certain you have the Waze app on your smartphone.

Waze is a “social GPS” that allows users to provide real time updates on travel conditions to help their fellow Waze user community, or “Wazers.” Waze can warn you of traffic and other hazards, and even reroute you when roads are bad so that you stay on time. Finally, once you arrive at your destination, the BestParking app can help you find all the best and open places to park.

Simplify Money Matters

If nothing else, you should be using your mobile devices to make paying for things and tracking your expenses much easier. If you, as a business traveler are required to submit an expense report after completing a business trip (or you require your employees to do so), then Expensify is simply a must have tool. The app, available for free on most mobile devices, makes it easy to track in real time all of the expenses incurred on a business trip; it can also generate expense reports, making travel reimbursement much easier. And if you want to keep track of your own personal finances while on the road, you should download Mint on your iPhone or Android device right now.

The app can help you keep track of all your spending, enable you to see your spending trends, and ultimately help you manage your finances effectively, wherever you are. Finally, if you want to make it easier than ever to make payments, you may want to leave your actual leather billfold at home, and use Due’s digital wallet service. Due’s digital wallet makes it simple to instantly pay someone, or receive a payment, no matter where you are. It also makes it easier for groups to instantly split payments, and provides a level of encryption that can ease your worries while out on the road.

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