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Blog » Business Tips » Why You Should Be Experimenting With Facebook or Instagram Live Video ASAP

Why You Should Be Experimenting With Facebook or Instagram Live Video ASAP

Mobile and video will reign supreme

At the end of last year, I began playing around with audio and video marketing for my business. I’m in the middle of recording audio versions of each of my blog posts and planning a Facebook Live video marketing push. I hope to host Facebook live mini-workshops once or twice a month.

The fact is, people now like options. The audio version of each blog post is almost akin to a podcast and gives readers an easier way to experience the blog while driving or doing other tasks.

There’s also a great amount of power in Facebook and Instagram live videos. Since doing live videos, I realize I waited too long to get into the game. Here are reasons you should jump on the live video bandwagon in 2018:

Live Video is Quick and Casual, Yet Effective

Don’t have time to write out a blog post on a topic? Hosting a Facebook live from your business Facebook page is a simple and highly personal way you can deliver the information. The beauty of going live is that watchers understand (and even expect) that it will be a more casual presentation.

If you’re new to video, this can relieve a lot of pressure. Think of a few topics you want to hit in your live video. Introduce who you are, welcome the viewers, and deliver your content with a ton of value in the first few minutes to grab attention.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to let a little bit of your personality shine through. People want to get to know you. After you get the first live video under your belt, the rest is smooth sailing.

You Can Do Live Question and Answer

Live video gives you an opportunity to really engage. You can pose questions to your audience and have them answer in real time. Getting people to engage on live is also a good time to ask them about their pain points and collect research that you can use for other content, products, or services.

Ads Can Give You a Boost

Facebook ads are powerful. Live videos can be turned into ads to build your following and authority. I wouldn’t recommend investing in ads until you have a clear strategy for funneling your audience into an email sequence, webinar, or paid program. You want to be able to measure ROI for all of your ads, and that’s only possible if you have a system in place.

With that said, once you have a plan, setting up ads for your live videos can spread the word and warm you audience up before you make an offer.

Final Word on Live Video

Every few years (or even months) there’s a marketing fad that takes our world by storm. Live video is one of the innovations that I don’t see losing steam any time soon. People like connecting with experts, influencers, and celebrities in real time. It feels like a more initiate experience and intimate experiences build trust. Give live video a try this year to boost your business.

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