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Why Are E-Payments so Effective for Small Businesses?

If you’re a small business in today’s market, you’re probably connecting with clients through the internet, frequently on social media. Why not accept payments through the internet as well? If you’re new to the whole e-payment thing and feeling concerned about the validity of services like Due, Venmo, and PayPal, read on to find out how they can help your small business succeed in a variety of ways. (And if this is old hat and you’ve been accepting e-payments for a while now, keep reading to re-consider the many different ways that they can benefit you and your customers.)

They Help Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

Waiting for a check in the mail when your creditors are breathing down your neck is no way to live–especially when you know you’ve got money coming and it’s just not arriving as quickly as you had hoped. When you accept e-payments, you can get the amount you’re owed in just 1-3 days. This makes perfect sense for small businesses, who are frequently working with clients all around the world in this increasingly global economy.

When a client agrees to compensate you using a payment service like PayPal, you don’t have to listen to excuses about how your client forgot the checkbook at home since they can literally pay you from their phone; you also don’t have to deal with the chargebacks common in credit card transactions. And if you choose Due, you won’t have to pay anything for business to business transactions, which means you can pay your vendors and suppliers with no additional charge.

They’re Incredibly Secure

If you’re not set up for e-payments yet, it may be that you’ve worried about really getting the money you’re owed. Online transactions through Due, Venmo, and PayPal don’t require you to show your bank account information to clients. Also, encryptions in the apps keep information heavily guarded. They have protections for global buyers so you won’t have a problem with getting paid from anyone.

These companies offer great customer service so that if you ever have concerns about fraud, you can contact them immediately. They even resolve disputes so you don’t have to worry about arguing with a bad customer.

Since they’re monitoring every transaction 24/7 (which you couldn’t possibly do in your wildest dreams), you have no need to worry about being compensated for the work you do or the products you sell.

You Can Set Up Automatic Payments

Got vendors to pay? Don’t even consider the possibility of forgetting to send them a check. Instead, charge the automatic payments to your credit card, giving yourself an additional 21-30 day cushion to get everything paid.

Those overdraft fees can add up quickly if you simply withdraw the amount from your checking account. Since you don’t always get paid at the same time, you may have trouble paying everyone at the same time. If you’re simply pulling money when they need it instead of when it’s convenient for you. This is your business, and it’s your job to ensure that you can pay your suppliers.

E-payments make it significantly easier to keep them happy–and to help you sleep better at night.

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