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Donald Trump On Your Best Investments

Donald Trump On Your Best Investments

“Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.”

– Donald Trump

The Donald might be an unlikely candidate for President (most don’t care what he says about issues of policy so much as how he says it), but when it comes to business decisions, The Donald Trumps all. He’s been to the edge of bankruptcy and back; has hotels all over the world which boast his name, but though no longer his ownership, a show in which his biggest trademark move is firing people, and has invested in everything from sports teams to beauty pageants.

However, he is nothing if not discerning, and in 2014, he has claimed to have earned a $27 million profit from his stock market investments alone.

Take it from a man who has made as many finance mistakes as he has made victories: it’s important to recognize a lemon investment if you see one, because you never know if the one you’re better not investing in will end in the collapse of your empire.

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