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Do You Need to Rebrand?

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At some point, you realize that your current branding isn’t working. Maybe it doesn’t resonate, or perhaps you just want a refresh. Perhaps you’re even going in a new direction. Over at, my partner and I are considering a rebrand.

We’ve had a hard time getting advertising because, even though adulting is a thing among millennials, many advertisers think that it has something to do with … other things.

If you are trying to decide if you should rebrand it’s important to consider whether or not it really is the right move for you. Here are some reasons to take the rebranding plunge:

1. Your Brand is Similar to Others’

Are you having a hard time differentiating your brand from competitors? That might be a sign that a rebrand makes sense. If people keep mixing you up with someone else, or if you don’t have a unique value proposition, that could be problematic.

Take a step back and figure out if your branding looks too similar to what others are doing. If so, think about how you can develop a unique value proposition and then make that your primary branding and stand out from the crowd.

2. Your Brand Has Evolved

We all change and move forward. Your brand is the same way. Maybe you’ve fine-tuned your outlook. Maybe what you offer has changed. If this is the case, a rebrand might be necessary. You want to make sure your current brand represents your values. Create a core message around where you’re at now.

You want to make sure that your branding matches who you are, and your audience as they grow and develop. Sometimes that means you grow and develop, too.

3. You Need a Fresh Look and a Fresh Message

Maybe you don’t complete rebrand to something totally different. Perhaps you want to appeal to new clients or customers with a different look or message. Sometimes, you’re just dated.

If you want to freshen up, you might consider a new tagline, new logo, or update your colors. Whatever it is, you can attract newer clients and customers if you rebrand to something attractive that they can relate to.

4. Your Current Customers Don’t Feel Engaged

In some cases, you might need to rebrand in order to get your current customers involved. Rebranding can be a way to get your clients or customers involved. You can let them know you’re rebranding to better serve them and run a campaign where you ask for input.

Find out what your customers value, and what they hope to gain from your company, and use that as your basis for the new brand direction. This is a great way to let your customers know you care about them and to get them excited about you again.

In the end, it’s up to your to figure out whether or not you need to rebrand. Think about what such a move would accomplish, and decide whether or not you can successfully rebrand in a way that will bring more business — and help you maintain consistency in your values.

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