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Do You Consider Mobile Use in Your Online Marketing?

For a long time, marketers have divided desktop use from mobile use. However, it appears that many consumers use more than one device when making a purchase.

If you want to be more successful in your online marketing, you need to consider how customers use mobile devices in their decision-making. As smart phones become more prevalent, you will need to focus more on how consumers use mobile devices to make purchasing decisions and integrate that into your online marketing plan.

How Customers Use Mobile Devices

It’s important to understand how customers use mobile devices every day. Many customers search on mobile devices. In fact, research shows that most search takes place on mobile devices. Not only do customers look for items on their smart phones and tablets, but they also look for reviews on items. Customers can use their mobile devices to find information about what they want to buy as well as read reviews and make price comparisons.

Some customers even use their smart phones to make purchases. Others keep their smart phones turned on in order to check deals in nearby. It’s possible to extend your online marketing efforts into the real world with the use of mobile devices. Apps that offer coupons and notify users of deals when they are near your store can help increase foot traffic.

As you consider your online marketing plan, don’t forget to include mobile devices and understand how your customers use them.

Multi-Device Behavior and Online Marketing

One of the things to consider as you make your online marketing plan is that many consumers use multiple devices during the purchase process. According to data from Ipsos and Google, 40% of consumers use their mobile devices to do research and then make their purchases through the desktop.

This means that a significant number of customers aren’t using their desktop computers to research and interact with your brand. If you hope to attract them to interact with your brand, you need to consider making sure that your website and other parts of your part marketing plan are mobile friendly. That way consumers can interact with your brand on their mobile devices, which they’re more likely to use anyway.

Make sure that your online marketing plan include elements of mobile and desktop marketing for those who use multiple devices when making purchases.

Don’t Forget App Installs

When using mobile in your marketing, don’t forget about the app installs. If your company has an app, you have a better chance of increasing sales. It’s not always just about the app and buying things to the app, but it is also the brand interaction and awareness that comes when customers use your app.

One case study found that users with a Walgreens app were more likely to spend more money overall. Even though the app was meant mainly for refilling prescriptions, those with the app we’re likely to spend more money on other things as well.

As you put together your latest online marketing plan, take the time to think about how your customers might use mobile devices to make their purchases. You might be surprised at how effective your marketing can be when you include mobile devices.

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