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Where to Find Work

You’ve been busy networking and promoting yourself in order to attract clients to your service. But, you also need to be proactive and find design gigs on your own. Here are some suggested online locations for you to secure a paying job opportunity.

AIGA Job Board – Since 1914, the American Institute of Graphic Arts has been a professional membership organization designers. The organization has a job board with more than 300 job listings.

UpWork – One of the leading freelance employment sites where web developers and designers can connect with a client.

Etsy – This popular marketplace helps creatives sell their goods, such as an original poster.

Elance – This is another popular freelance site where more than 25,000 new jobs are posted weekly.

Freelancer – Not only can clients search for designers, you can bid for jobs that interest you the most.

Behance – If you recall, Behance was mentioned as a great place to showcase your work. You can use visit the site’s job listings to find a gig either remotely or by location.

Design Observer – Clients use this publication to target qualified designers.

Glassdoor – While you can browse job listings on Glassdoor, the real advantage of using this site is that you’ll be able to view salary details and company details.

Authentic Jobs – Companies like Apple, HBO, and Facebook have used this site to find freelance, part-time, and even full-time help.

Krop – Krop is another leading site for creatives to search openings.

As mentioned earlier, you can use reach out to businesses or current contacts who believe could use your services.

When searching for a job, make sure you get all the details (compensation, timeline), compare with other clients, and actually want to work for the specific client or company.

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