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3 Benefits to a Co-working Space Membership

It’s great to work at your favorite coffee shop, but it’s not always the ideal setting to get things done. While certain places tend to be quieter than others, not everyone who frequents them are there to do the same thing, nor do they necessarily care that you are. Many times people catch up with old friends or even talk loudly on their phones. No matter how snugly you put on your headphones or how high you turn up the volume to drown out the background noise, it ends up not being conducive to working effectively. My productivity can’t hinge on something I can’t control like which noisy customer attends for the day. If you don’t want to rely on crossing your fingers or feeling like checking items off of your to do list is a crap shoot, a co-working space might be a better option. Here are some benefits to working at one.

1. It can be cheaper than working at the coffee shop.

There are seats and long tables, couches for a more relaxed, comfortable arrangement or even offices with desks to rent. Some of the co-working spaces like WeWork start as low as $45 a month for membership. If you’re average beverage from the coffee shop was $3.00, you’d spend more there if you went every work day for a month since you have to purchase something to be there. In my experience, you’re spending more for a less productive environment if you stay at the coffee shop. Try it out and see if you can increase your daily productivity.

2. Get invited to events

After attending a fabulous book launch in New York City by author, Jason Vitug, writer of You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to FInancial Wellness, I found out that the members of the co-working space WeWork get invited to such events as an added perk of being a member. So if you’re hammering away at a proposed timeline, following up on work emails or completing any other work-related tasks, you can potentially attend a social function, educational event or workshop in the same location. This could expand your network and help you learn new skills to work more effectively and stay up to date in your field.

3. Great place to find clients

Signing up for the benefit of having a beautiful work space is obvious but did you know it’s a great place to find clients? Testimonials on the WeWork website highlight members who find more work just by being a part of this type of community. If you can take on clients outside of your local area, you can potentially connect with prospective clients in other major cities. It sounds like the money you spend in monthly fees can potentially be made back through possible referrals and networking.


The Bottom Line

If you’re fortunate enough to choose your own workspace, this can positively impact your productivity and overall performance. A co-working space might be beneficial to those wanting to focus on work, get invited to events and potentially land new clients. Figure out what co-working space is best for your business and get to work.


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