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Blog » News » Connecticut Governor rejects bill that could provide $3 million in striking worker support

Connecticut Governor rejects bill that could provide $3 million in striking worker support

Lawmakers in Connecticut have bill denied

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, in a significant move, rejected the possibility of a $3 million fund that could have been a lifeline for striking workers.

The bill, championed by the state’s lawmakers, was touted as a measure to bolster “low-wage workers,” as per Sen. Julie Kusher. However, Lamont dismissed their proposition in early May.

Connecticut Governor enraged by relief bill

He told the Associated Press at a news event, “Everything I know about it, I’m not going to support it,” concerning the proposed bill. He called the legislation proposed by Democrats concerned with workers’ rights “too cute by-half.”

Lamont was adamant that the bill was not a good use of taxpayer funding, going so far as to say that he was “unenthusiastic” about supporting it.

Today, Lamont reaffirmed his position in his veto note, stoically stating that “Without a clear mechanism for monitoring the transfer and utilization of the funds, there is risk of inefficiency, mismanagement and lack of transparency in their intended allocation.”

So, it looks like a dead duck for lawmakers and union representatives keen to give American workers additional support during strike action.

Rocco Calo, principal officer of Teamsters Local 1150, which represents more than 4,000 workers at Sikorsky Aircraft, expressed his deep disappointment, saying “Governor Lamont’s decision to veto this legislation is a tremendous blow to the women and men of the Connecticut Teamsters.”

“Passage of this law would not lead to more strikes; it would simply help to provide fairness and balance when negotiations are at (the) most important part of the negotiations,” concluded Calo.

Lamont cannot be wholly seen as lacking support for workers’ rights as last month, he signed a bill supporting additional sick pay for workers state-wide.

“Our existing paid sick days laws include important protections for certain workers, however there are broad categories left unprotected, and this update will expand this coverage to help ensure that people do not have to choose between going to work sick and sacrificing a day’s wage,” Governor Lamont said.

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