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How to Get Your Clients to Come Back for More

Posted on February 3rd, 2018
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When you are a freelancer your clients are your bread and butter. Therefore, it is important to keep them happy and wanting to come back for more.

Here are a few simple ways you can make sure your clients become repeat customers and continue to come back for more.

Ask for Feedback

If you want to get your clients to come back for more services from you it is important that you do a good job. Of course, not every client is going to come right out and tell you that they are happy or unhappy.

You may have to ask for feedback and constructive criticism from them. Even if you get a negative response it is better than not having any information at all. It gives you the chance to make things right and keep them coming back to you for more.

Setting up a regular monthly meeting can help. It allows your client to tell you how they feel things are going. You can meet by phone, video conference, or whatever method you both agree on.

Offer Helpful Suggestions

The other side of the coin that may get your clients to come back for more is if you offer helpful suggestions to them. When you see something that could be improved, for instance, let them know in a supportive manner.

Your client will appreciate your candor whether they act on your idea or not.

Fix Problems Quickly

In any business relationship problems inevitably come up. When they do, fix them as quickly and efficiently as you can.

If the error was on your part, confess, fix it, and move on. Trying to downplay the issue or not taking responsibility for it will lose you their respect. In addition, it could lose you their repeat business.

Hit Your Deadlines

Consistently hitting your deadlines will probably get your clients to come back for more. If you can meet your deadlines early you are even more likely to do so. This is especially true if you also do outstanding, accurate work.

Create Service Packages

Another way to get your clients to come back for more is to offer packages of services to them. You could include more than one thing.

For example, you could put together a package that includes blogging, handling social media, and creating newsletters for one inclusive price. Make sure what the package offers meets their needs or will help their business grow.

Offer a Maintenance Contract

You could get your clients to come back for more by offering a recurring service such as web site management.  The package could include certain monthly updates plus a maximum number of hours of work every month.

Go Above Their Expectations

One sure way to get your clients to come back for more is to go above their expectations. Doing acceptable work is good. But, if you “wow” them you will have a loyal customer for a long business relationship.

However, another reason to go above their expectations is that they will recommend you to others in the business. This can increase your business simply by word of mouth.

Your clients are important to the success of your business. Therefore, it is important to get your clients to come back for more services if you can. Use these tips and ideas to help you do it.

Kayla Sloan

Kayla Sloan

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