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7 Ways to Get Freelance Clients

Posted on July 13th, 2016

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to layer in multiple ways to get freelance clients for my business. It includes both passive and active forms of finding clients, and while it’s taken a long time to build, I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor paying off.

If you want a successful freelance business where you don’t have to worry about how to get clients, you’ll need to incorporate different things into your business so that you can find them and so they can find you.

I’ve covered different aspects of how to get freelance writing clients in the past, but in this post, I’m going to put them all in one place for your convenience. Before I get into it, I want you to know that you don’t need to try all of this at once. Start with one and layer the others in over time.

Job Boards

I still sometimes use job boards to get freelance clients. The key is to systematize the job board process so that you don’t waste so much time looking at duds. Read 4 Expert Secrets to Make Freelance Jobs Work For You.

Cold Pitch

Another way to find freelance gigs (and often times higher paying gigs) is to cold pitch. Make it a habit to regularly send pitches to websites you’d like to write for and take it from there. Read How to Land a Column With a Major Publication.

Online and Offline Networking

Networking is another great way get freelance clients. Nothing can replace some real life conversation and connection with people, and when done correctly, it can lead to some great opportunities. Read 5 Tips to Help You Get More Out of Networking.

Get Mentioned In the Media

Getting mentioned in the media is a great way to get freelance clients because you get instant credibility. Fortunately, getting mentioned in the media isn’t as hard as it used to be. Read 3 More Ways to Get Media Coverage For Free on HARO


SEO is a great way to get freelance clients because when done correctly, it can help clients come to you. The main places you’ll want to consider using keywords are on your own website or blog and on a social media network like LinkedIn. I actually recently landed a freelance gig with a major bank because of my keywords on LinkedIn. Read 7

Create Portfolios With Content Marketing Companies

There are some well-known content marketing companies out there that allow freelancers to create their portfolios so they can be matched with clients. The key is to keep updating your portfolio with high-quality work. It may take a while, but I recently had one of my highest paying clients ever come to me in this way. Read How to Have Freelance Clients Come to You.

Create your own brand.

Beating a dead horse again, but this is so important if you want to get freelance clients. One of the ways in which all of the tips mentioned above can work simultaneously is if you’ve built your own brand regarding your subject matter expertise. Read The 4 Things You Need to Create Your Own Brand.

This list is by no means exhaustive so make sure to keep following the Due blog for more tips and tricks on how to get freelance clients.

Amanda Abella

Amanda Abella

Amanda Abella is a Millennial Finance Expert that helps people understand their finances and eliminate all bad debt. She wrote a book, Make Money Your Honey. It is a powerful guide on how to have a better relationship with work and money. You can actually start building an extremely profitable business around the things you're passionate about.

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