“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

– Virginia Woolf

When Virginia Woolf wrote these words in 1929, she could have very well been describing the life of a modern freelancer (often advised: freelancers should have a financial cushion and a dedicated workplace), but these words were not simply meant to be practical words of advice. She was, in her quietly powerful way, was carving a space for women in literature that we are still trying to fill. At the time, and, to some extent, even now, women are considered to produce inferior works because we have been systematically and culturally imposed upon by childbearing responsibilities and household duties while men were the ones who could afford the space, time, and financial freedom to pursue their creative passions. Virginia Woolf encouraged women to seek their artistic value, gave women permission to take time and space into her own hands, and find a room of her own to create whatever she wants to create. What will you create?


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