With the holidays upon us, we enter into the most frenzied event ever: holiday shopping. Retailers and businesses all over are gunning to make those holiday sales that will lead to a successful business year. But one problem every retailer has, not matter what kind of business they run, is how to generate repeat customers.

How do you get turn them from first-time or one-time shopping into repeat customers? Here are some methods you can use to help your business turn one-time shopping into repeat customers.

Provide Quality Customer Service

This is a must have! One of the top reasons people leave a business or choose not to return in the future is because of poor customer service. This applies to every business and is an important factor to consider. Here are some ways to make sure your customer service game is on point.

  • Make sure they know you care. This is so important, especially in today’s connected and conversation driven world. If the customer has a complaint, they want to know you care and that you want to make it better. They like to know that you care about them and that you have their best interest in mind.
  • Listen to their problems and find a solution. This mimics the above point, but listen to their complaint. A lot of customers just want to know they are heard and that you are working toward a solution. Be sure to follow through and tell them when you have a solution or work-around.
  • Make them feel welcome. Saying hello when people come in the door, asking if you can help them, etc. are good business practices to implement and teach employees. The more you interact positively with everyone that enters your business, the better you can develop genuine conversation that will lead to a second and third sale.
  • Customer experience has to be great! Not only does service have to be important, but their overall experience has to be as well. There are companies whose only focus is user experience. These companies know if customers don’t have a pleasant experience, they won’t return. Pay attention and look at what you can do to improve both their experience and your customer service.

Consider a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a great way to bring shoppers back for more. Here are three ideas to start your own loyalty program.

  • Provide discounts or special offers. Everyone loves a discount, especially if it make their next purchase cheaper. They might even spend more than they were planning to because they got a discount. Special offers also draw return customers as people get excited about your deal, but then you hook them with your culture and awesome customer service.
  • Punch cards. These work great for eateries and coffee shops. They can be actual punch cards, or they can be rewards cards that calculate how many purchases are needed to provide rewards. People can’t resist the word “free”, so providing them with a free product after several purchases will keep them coming back.

Offer Quality Products or Services

This should be a no-brainer, but you would be amazed at how many businesses provide low-quality products and services. Having a sound product and providing quality service speaks volumes. Offering quality products and services includes everything from the product itself, to the employees you hire, and the fine details like packaging and shipping. Let the customer know they are getting what they are paying for and that it is high quality.

Of course there are other ways to go about retaining customers, but these are the basics that work well if done properly. Remember, without customers you won’t have a business. Treat your customers well and they’ll be sure to return the favor by shopping or purchasing your goods and services again and again.


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