“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

-Thomas Edison

Edison was famous for never giving up in his search for the construction of the electric light bulb. Without his tenacity and almost hard-headed way of never giving up, his idea may not have ever come to fruition. What if we didn’t have the light bulb? My life at this very moment would be vastly different. It’s difficult to see anything but failure when you try time and time again and nothing seems to work, but enduring through adversity is a sign of character. We can’t allow ourselves to get letdown when something doesn’t go our way. Look at life’s little disasters as just another “way that won’t work”, and find an alternative path.




My name is Angela and I'm the Director of Marketing and Customer Care Ninja at Due. I write for the blog on Due. My goal is to help our customers feel like they are rockstars, invoicing rockstars!If you have problems reach out to me to get some expert help!

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