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Even if you actually love your job, it’s just not possible to work 24/7. Sure, you may want to try and emulate Elon Musk by working like 80 hours a week. But, you’re eventually going to get burned out, lose your passion, and weaken personal relationships. Needless to say, everyone needs to have a healthy work-life […]


Mental and physical health are of utmost importance to me. These can get overlooked, though, in the challenges of daily life. We have a lot going on, between work, family life, and unexpected obstacles. It can be challenging to prioritize working-out when there are constant other activities and responsibilities we feel like we have to […]

Credit cards keep you and your customers safe and happy

There comes a time in business when we sit back and realize we’re doing too much. We have 10 projects that we’re juggling, we’re working with multiple clients, we’re doing podcast interviews, and more. Our time is stretched thin and we feel overwhelmed. It’s normal to feel like you have to do everything and be […]

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Running a business can be an all-encompassing thing that takes you away from your other interests and important people. None of us do it on purpose, but the business can become the main priority for a while because you want to succeed. Then one day you look up and realize you haven’t invested time in close […]

Reasons To Track Your Time

I get asked all the time, what are your reasons to track your time? William Penn once said, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” Not exactly correct English — but you know what’s being said. As a business owner, it’s easy to relate to that statement. Before starting to track […]

There’s a lot to love about being a freelancer. At the top of the list is the ability to make your own hours, along with firing the clients who are nothing but terrible. The downside about the freelancer lifestyle is that can be difficult to manage your work-life balance. Unlike some 9-5ers, we aren’t necessarily […]

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