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Effectively managing your time is a tough task to take on. However, once you’ve mastered your time, you have basically mastered your life. Time management is one of the most crucial elements of productivity, work-life balance, and ultimately, success. In fact, as the leading factor behind what you get done and where you focus your […]

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For some people like myself, invoicing is a huge pain. Out of all the tasks for my business, I’m pretty sure I hate invoicing the most. Not only that, but the ability to track invoicing is not something that comes naturally to me. It’s not that I don’t like getting paid. I just hate the […]

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Wouldn’t it be great to get things done without wasting time and money? If you’re looking for ways to streamline your efforts while optimizing your spending, it’s possible. Here are some ways to keep more cash in your pocket while shaving minutes off of your efforts. 1. Buy multiples. I keep an extra charger in my […]

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Everyone wants to make more money in less time. It is common to track and analyze a wide variety of key performance indicators that affect profit over time, but ironically time is often not one of them. Do you know how you spend your hours and how well they are spent? Where do you achieve […]

Does this sound familiar: “Hey, could you pick up that prescription for me? You’re not busy, right?” Sigh. If you’re self employed, you’ve probably heard a question like this a time or two. Sometimes, because you have a flexible schedule, friends or family might assume that you’re available at any time to take their dog on a […]

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