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Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic

I’ve previously mentioned how the summertime is usually a slow time for my business. I also mentioned how I use this time to work on big projects that move my brand forward. This year, one of those projects looked like learning, understanding and setting up Pinterest to increase traffic to my blog. Why You Need […]

It’s summertime, and for many freelancers that means we’re going into the summertime lull. Clients are on vacation, payroll departments are slow and everyone is a little more chilled out than usual. For some freelancers, this could put them into a state of panic because they wonder how they are going to pay their bills. […]

While I have certainly worked my tail off in terms of the seemingly practical aspects of building a business, I’ve also done a lot of work with my own money mindset. The reality is I’ve noticed that when nothing you’re doing is working – especially if you’re doing all the “right” things in business – […]

For many freelancers, exercise is the last thing on their minds. I used to be the same way. Before I started adding exercise into my daily routine, I’d sit at my desk all day and hardly move. I’d just stare at the screen, slumping in my chair, clicking through blog post after blog post. However, […]

The other day I was on Facebook when I saw someone post a question in regards to Twitter. They basically wanted to know what the point of Twitter was because they didn’t see any advantage to using it. The reality is that different social media channels have different uses. Business owners use the different channels […]

Competition as a freelancer is a common concern I hear from blog readers, podcast listeners, and coaching clients. If you’ve been following my work for any amount of time, you likely know that I’m more of a believer in collaboration than competition. In fact, I rarely worry about competition as a freelancer, and when I […]

I often times get asked about how I was able to self-publish a book back in 2014 and how it completely changed my business overnight. The reality is, self-publishing a book probably isn’t as difficult as many people make it seem. Granted, self-publishing a book isn’t easy, per say. Writing a book is one of […]

There seems to be a misconception out there that professional bloggers make tons of cash in their sleep. Unfortunately, this is often times the work of some scammy internet marketer trying to sell you some six-step blueprint to making oodles of cash with a blog in three months. The reality is that professional bloggers work […]

Online haters. They are everywhere. In fact, they are so pervasive sometimes that many people are afraid of putting themselves and their businesses out there online. They are terrified of people judging them and are afraid of falling victim to online bullying. I’m not going to lie to you, you may need some thick skin […]

Like most freelancers, I work from home a lot of the time. While I recently started hanging out a co-working space (more on that later), I still work from home a lot. Also like many freelancers, I don’t live alone and I take care of people. I may not have kids, but I help with […]

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