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accounting in the cloud through mobile

After more than twenty years as the CEO of USWired and SimplyClouds, I’ve spoken with a huge number of small business owners who were uncertain about migrating to cloud computing. Now, in 2019, most of those misgivings have been addressed, making the cloud an excellent option for small business owners looking to cut costs, increase productivity, and […]

The Impact of Interchange Fees On Your Small Business

Accepting credit or debit cards is almost a give-in for businesses of all-sizes these days. After all, they’re convenient, flexible, and can improve your bottom line since plastic is the most popular payment method. The thing is, there’s a lot to consider before you just start swiping away. At the top of the list should […]

Ways to Save More Money

Money saving tips come in handy for small business owners that want to hold on to more profit. Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners are extremely efficient and goal-driven people. They know how and when to make those smart decisions that will boost their bottom line.  But even they know that the pursuit of excellence is […]

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