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The world of business is not a comfortable place to be. The job of a small business owner is hard, but it is often a dream some people aspire to. And, that is why most go after it. Every potential business owner wants to know what success looks like. It is why your goal is […]

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There are many ways to improve productivity. Feuling your energy helps. You can power nap, power walk or even consume a power bar but I’m going to focus on other tips. Process efficiency also helps improve productivity. It can indirectly benefit your bank account too. Here are some ideas to help you pivot your efforts […]

global payment tools

The emergence of Internet of Things technology is driving the development of smart cities in many booming metropolitan areas around the world. The visions that planners have for these cities are bold — from autonomous buses and free Wi-Fi throughout Barcelona to LED streetlights in Los Angeles that have sensors to monitor their conditions. The […]

growing your money

As someone who is lazy when it comes to managing my money, I abhor traditional budgeting and am picky with the tools and apps I use to up my financial game. But there is one thing I’m a huge fan of and can certainly vouch for, and that’s automating. When I started to get knee-deep […]


The point of a headshot is to snap a photo to clearly show a person’s face. It’s somewhat close up and is usually a shot taken from the shoulders up. Having it done properly can make all the difference in conveying a professional image to all that see it. If you’re not able to hire […]

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