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Mobile Payment Processing

Payment processing is something that’s become an increasingly important responsibility for businesses over the years. As customers have moved away from cash payments and now predominantly pay with plastic or virtual methods like ecash. The need for a fast, secure, and seamless payment process that protects the interests of both buyer and merchant has emerged. […]

How To Select A Mobile Payments Partner

One of the most revolutionary advancements in the payments industry has been the ability to accept payments directly from you or your customer’s mobile device. This has made it possible for small businesses and freelancers (among others), to accept payments from anywhere. Businesses such as the food truck vendor on the side of the road, […]

Understanding Security

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or you run an online business, securing both your and your customers’ sensitive data should always be a priority. While taking measures like using anti-virus software, tools to detect malware, and educating yourself and employees on the most common threats are all great places to start, data breaches aren’t […]

2017 Payment Processing Trends

Make no mistake about it. We’re rapidly approaching a cashless world where there multiple payment options such as eChecks and eCash, that are convenient and fast. The world of payment processing is changing so quickly, it’s best to be prepared by knowing about the options and what lies ahead in 2017 and beyond. Mobile Wallet […]

Payment processing in 2016

Payment processing in 2016 was a busy, and surprising. 2016 was the year for payment processing thanks technological advances, to the Millennials, and because of the transition to EMV. That was just the beginning. As we get ready to usher in 2017, let’s take a look back at the biggest events in payment processing in 2016. […]

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