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The Top Wearable Payment Technology

Wearables are capable of doing more than displaying smartphone notifications and tracking how many steps you took today. A growing number of wearables are adding features like contactless payments as well. There are a lot of big companies betting on the future of wearable payment technology. In a study from Juniper Research they found that the […]

Payment Apps

All the way back in 1994 Bill Gates famously said, “Banking is essential, banks are not.” Today, that statement is even more spot-on — thanks to mobile phones becoming an important part of our lives, especially among Millennials. According to the Salesforce Research report, a whopping “75 percent of Millennials are at least somewhat reliant […]

When was the last time that you wrote out a check or carried around a $100 bill? For most of us, it’s probably been an extremely long time thanks to digital wallets. Despite the fact that digital wallets have been around for years, people have taken notice to the numerous benefits that they provide, such […]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t miss the days of getting paid with an actual piece of paper, aka a check. After receiving my paycheck, I would have to visit my local bank, deposit the check, and wait for the funds to become available. I know. That’s not the end of the world. […]

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