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You may think of freelance job boards as a place with work that doesn’t pay well. But recently, I saw my highest paying client post an ad looking for more writers on a job board. There were also other companies posting projects that could be worth thousands of dollars per month. Freelance job boards can have […]

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With the “gig economy” continuing to thrive, millions of professionals have turned to the freelance marketplace to land both short-term and contract-based gigs. Here’s the catch. While having a plethora of job-listing websites and social networks makes it easier than ever to find work and connect with clients, it also makes the marketplace more competitive. […]

There’s no shortage of freelancer guides available now that more than one-third of people working in the U.S. identify themselves as freelancers. What most guides, however, fail to examine thoroughly are the websites and job boards that freelancers can use to find job opportunities. That’s not to downplay the importance of word-of-mouth references or social […]

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