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money or time

For some people like myself, invoicing is a huge pain. Out of all the tasks for my business, I’m pretty sure I hate invoicing the most. Not only that, but the ability to track invoicing is not something that comes naturally to me. It’s not that I don’t like getting paid. I just hate the […]

invoicing mistakes

Every business needs to have an invoicing strategy, but every business is different. Some have huge client bases and send out tons of small invoices on a regular basis, and some work with a handful of clients and invoice only periodically, because they work on bigger jobs. Some bill monthly on a retainer, while others […]

Use Invoicing Software

Sending out an invoice may appear simple, but if you do it well, it’s almost an art form. Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t understand how to do it properly. So if you haven’t evaluated your invoicing habits with care, then there’s a good chance you’re missing out on opportunities to maximize your revenue as […]

follow up with an unpaid invoice

An unpaid invoice is a serious problem for businesses, cutting into profits and eating up employee time that could be better spent on professionally productive activities. Unfortunately, they have to be dealt with, and that means chasing down clients who haven’t paid, sometimes for weeks on end. Such a problem begs the question: how can you […]

Sending invoices, or bills, is one of the best parts of owning or running a business. Although they may be boring or time consuming to send out, sending them means you will get paid soon. There are multiple ways to invoice your clients or customers, but when it comes to paper vs online invoicing, which is better? […]

To many people, paperwork is regarded as a tedious and boring task that sucks up your time and drains you of energy and joy. Unfortunately for business owners, paperwork is also necessary to keep a business up and running. Running a successful business may require many different types of paperwork, but one of the most […]

As a freelancer and small business owner, getting paid is one of the most important functions of your business. After all, you’re not a charity! Getting paid quickly, easily, and showing that you are a professional can help your business in multiple ways. Here are some of the biggest benefits of a quality invoicing system. […]

There may come a time in your freelancing career when you wake up one morning, check your overflowing inbox, and think, “Oh gosh, I really need some help!” This is usually good news. It means there’s probably a lot going on in your business and it’s time to level up. The downside is you’re probably […]

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