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Invoicing Clients

Most freelancers love invoice day. It’s the time when you can finally cash in on your hard work and get paid. While it feels great to get compensated, invoice day can be pretty hectic if you’re sending several invoices and trying to track down clients for payments. In fact, it can take quite a while […]

True Cost of an Invoice

There are lots of responsibilities that come along with running a business. One of those is sending invoices to customers for products or services rendered. But if you’ve been sending invoices and not getting paid, you need to find out why in a hurry. After all, without money coming in, your company or employer probably […]

simple professional invoicing

I’ve been fortunate over the last several years to have clients who usually pay on time. There’s only been two — that I can vividly remember — who have paid late consistently. Managing late invoices are a drag, and it can also be discouraging. If you put in work for a client, you would hope […]

financial habits

Do you want some more time in your day? I do! Sometimes when I’m heading to bed my head is filled with all the things I still have to do tomorrow. Business owners never have a shortage of things to do. I’ve started saying no to more things so that I can say yes to […]

Getting and staying organized is the ultimate white whale for many freelancers. Be honest: how many of you consider the floor to be the largest shelf in your house? I know I tend to keep things in small piles scattered around my apartment. After I discovered a spider living in a stack of papers on […]

When running a business of one, everything comes down to you. Marketing, bookkeeping, content generation, and problem-solving all land squarely on your plate. With such a heavy load, it’s important to be organized and energized, so that you can take care of business. Prioritize I’ve found that prioritizing is the only way to get through the day. […]

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