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The global travel market has enjoyed steady gains since 2010. In 2017, the year over year increase jumped from 4 percent to 7 percent. It’s a market that is subject to volatility from multiple sources. These sources include geopolitics, economics, climate change, and innovation. That makes the continuously upward international travel trend even more impressive. And, […]

startup success

One of the keys to any successful business, regardless of it’s size, is innovation. Developing new ideas is the fuel which will keep your business up to date. Innovation will keep operations, products, and services fresh. Adding this fuel will make your business more competitive. According to a study from PwC, an overwhelming 93 percent […]

pay on a mobile wallet

Mobile payment trends are important to watch. For small business owners, mobile payments are an important part of the financial landscape. A recent survey noted half of all consumers were aware of mobile payment systems and how to use them. Furthermore, younger  and wealthier consumers are also more likely to leave their wallets behind and go cash free. Mobile payments […]

Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Machine Learning

Although design thinking was originally for AI, design engineering, and architecture, I see how it becomes an excellent process for me to incorporate in my own organization. As a female leader, I am continually seeking out alternative ways to address certain issues and strategies within my organization. I was intrigued by the idea that design […]

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