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Large companies have legions of employees to lean on for any number of tasks and projects. When companies have so many resources and dollars at their disposal, why would they hire jobs out to freelancers that don’t have a long-term attachment to the company? There are a handful of reasons, and understanding them could mean […]

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It appears from the figures released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the first few months of 2017 have remained fairly stable when it comes to job openings and labor turnover. Although the national figures only fluctuated slightly, if you run your own business you may have had an employee leave to seek work […]

Hiring Tech Talent

Although the job market is full of eager applicants, we are still in an era where companies of all shapes and sizes have to compete intensely to hire exceptional tech talent. Competing for tech talent has always been intense because there is a massive imbalance between the number of qualified applicants (low) and the number […]

As the desire to work from home increases, contractors may become more readily available than traditional employees. These workers are able to have the flexibility to work the hours they would like, live closer to their families, and have a better overall work-life balance, all while still bringing home a paycheck. The ability to work […]

Whether you need a fresh website, new logo, or updated marketing materials, there will come a time when you need to hire a designer. While you could hire in-house or turn to an agency, your best best is probably seeking out a freelancer designer – especially if money is a concern. Sometimes you may be […]

Whether you just launched a startup or you’ve been running a small business for a couple of years, there will be times when you need to outsource certain tasks to freelancers. Whether it’s someone to contribute to your blog, design a logo, build your website, or be your virtual assistant, freelancers are one of the […]

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