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freelancer office, Reward Yourself today

Freelance work is not easy, sometimes you have to reward yourself. I’m not sure what your day is like, but I get pulled in many different directions. As a parent of two kids, though I have flexibility and can make my own schedule, there are many demands.  I’m an on call lost item finder, personal […]

Business Finance Consulting

One trend I see happening lately is freelancers and other types of service providers wanting to get into the digital consulting game. Quite frankly, they tell me they are tired of providing done-for-you services and would rather teach. I hear them. I’ve been moving toward digital consulting in some way for a while now. It […]

website search engine optimization

By now it’s no secret that if your business doesn’t have an online presence, you’re missing out on some money. That’s probably why so many of my coaching clients want to learn about how to move a business online. You see, many of them already have some sort of business. Some are freelancers, others are […]

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One of the most common questions I get from prospective coaching clients is whether or not online marketing has become an oversaturated niche.  Mind you, most of them are not in the online marketing niche. Instead, they need to learn online marketing to promote their businesses. The unscientific answer (at least in my opinion) is yes […]

competitive edge

With talks of saturated markets and robots taking over our jobs, there’s a lot fear surrounding the future of how people will be earning a living in the future. Are there threats to our money? Yes, constant ones. However, there are things you can do to ensure you’ll always make money. The reality is that […]


Half the internet would have you believe that freelancing full-time is the best thing you can do for your career. I, myself, have been guilty of writing a few of these pieces myself. The other half of the internet, has no problem telling you about the hardships of full-time freelancing. I’ve written a few of […]

invoicing payments made simple

Recently on the site, we discussed why your clients may want to pay for your services with a credit card. Well, there’s a flip site to that: clients who are afraid to pay invoices online. Granted, in this day and age this is less common. Studies show that people prefer to use debit and credit […]

growing your money

As a business coach, I often joke about the fact that asking for more money in business will bring up all of your money beliefs. The reality is your money beliefs do affect when, how and how much you get paid. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. You have all the systems down […]

Find Freelancer Work

One of the top concerns of new freelancers is how to decide what to charge. Should you charge by the hour? Or, should you instead charge by the word or project? There seems to be many proponents for both types of charging methods. And they all have very good points when arguing their cases. But […]

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