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There are several people in my life recently who have taken the plunge into being a full-time freelancer. While they love experiencing more freedom, the reality that they are now responsible for everything is starting to set in. The first year as a full-time freelancer can be rough. Even if you saved money and already […]

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During a recent group coaching call with my students, one of them asked how to turn blog readers into paying customers. This is an excellent question and one that merits further investigation as bloggers turn into business owners. It’s true that there is money in blogging. However, most people assume the only way bloggers make […]

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Losing motivation is quite easy especially in a career like freelancing. There is little certainty with regards to things such as monthly earnings and client acquisition. It’s even easier to lose motivation when you’re into freelancing for the money and haven’t grown passion for what you do. Key to long term success is to stay […]

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I’m currently in the process of teaching my first group coaching program to seven amazing female entrepreneurs. During this time, I’ve noticed there are certain pervasive myths that stand in the way of business success. The truth is most of what the general population says about running a business isn’t necessarily true. If there’s one […]


In the last few weeks, you may have noticed a lull in business. Client projects likely got stalled while people were traveling and you probably decided to take a break. Well, the kids are back in school and playtime is over. Now you may be wondering how to get your business on track after a few […]

Time Tracking with Due

The feast or famine cycle is a common struggle among small business owners. Often times, this is due to a cash flow problem. The cash flow problem is usually a result of business owners not getting paid fast enough. Faster payments are usually an afterthought for business owners. They often think having a great skill […]

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One of the main struggles I see with business owners is their inability to close a sale and get paid. This isn’t just beginning business owners either. I see it all the time with more experienced business owners as well. The culprit is they usually don’t know how to handle sales objections. If you don’t […]

Allow me to re-write a pretty famous saying: growth is good. Growth is essential for businesses to stay alive. There’s no need for greed to enter the picture, but growth- growth is what you should be all about. The more people you can reach, the more potential clients your work gets in front of. There […]

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It’s no secret that who you surround yourself with will have a direct impact on your life. The same is true in business. What’s more, if you surround yourself with people who can give you business reality checks, you’ll be more likely to succeed. What are business reality checks? Business reality checks are those moments […]

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