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Ask for Feedback, Suggestions, or Testimonials

As a business owner, you’ve likely heard of the importance of gathering written testimonials for your business. You likely have them on your website and maybe on a sales page, but that’s it. You’re also probably wondering whether or not it’s working. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve had written testimonials from clients for […]

working from home

One of the biggest perks of being self-employed and working as a freelancer is the flexibility this type of work provides. You can set your own hours, choose your own rates, and even decide when you work as long as you meet your deadlines. Having this type of freedom and flexibility is pretty awesome. It’s […]

personal success online

I’ve often said how consistency is the key to marketing. It has since come to my attention that the reason many business owners aren’t consistent is that they can’t even get started. Usually, it’s because they need to overcome mental blocks in order to start marketing. Take this example from my life. A friend went […]

We’ve got three months left in 2017. Sometimes we get so caught up in planning for the future that we miss the opportunities of today.  Before you dive into planning for the next year, make sure that you’re maximizing everything you can from this year. Three months is still plenty of time to make things […]

marketing your business globally

At just about every business event I’ve been to this year, one theme keeps coming up. That theme is the notion that as a business owner, you probably aren’t marketing your business enough. I’ve also seen several colleagues posting about this. I was recently perusing my Facebook feed when one of my friends (and amazing […]

After a long week of dealing with Hurricane Irma, I’m back to work. While it was really difficult to get back to work right away due to widespread power outages, the reality is Hurricane Irma is helping me with business growth. I’m sure you’re wondering how this is possible. You’ve probably seen on the news […]

money habits

I identify as a money nerd, but that’s not the reason I have three budgets. I’m a small business owner, a freelancer, and a money nerd, so my finances dictate that I have three separate budgets. As a business owner, I separate my personal and business finances for legal and tax reasons. Having separate bank […]

productivity maze

Life has a way of giving us surprises. In the last few weeks, I had a family member go to the hospital and a Category 4 hurricane come my way. Even still, I had to stay productive in between emergencies. Let me tell you, it is hard to stay productive during chaos. Especially if everyone […]

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