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How many employees and clients does the platform accommodate

I attend a lot of freelance events around my city. One complaint I hear often is how clients become bosses. As a result, the freelancer has a difficult time juggling multiple projects or building their own brands so they can make more money. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common in creative fields. The good […]

Marketing thoughts

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen a lot of debate about how the online marketing bubble is going to burst. More specifically, individuals who don’t know how to be authentic in their marketing will likely burn out and bow out. The truth is it does look like we are in an overly saturated […]

email sales

If you’ve been building a brand online, you’ve likely heard the adage “The money is in the list.” Well, after many years of ignoring this and finally starting to focus on it, I can tell you it’s true. By focusing on the ways to build your list, you will make more money. Since I began […]


A colleague of mine recently tweeted out an article by Fast Company which stated freelancing is the future of work. As someone who has been freelancing for seven years, it boggles my mind that people are just now starting to realize this, but I digress. What was most interesting about the article was that if […]

Reduce the risk of credit card fraud

Part of my job as a business coach is to get people more comfortable with taking risks in business. After all, taking risks is inherent to growing a business over time. The old adage of “No risk no reward” is also true. Before getting into how to become more comfortable taking risks in business, I […]

like social media

Scoring new clients can be a big concern for freelancers. When you’re just starting out, it’s crucial but even if you’ve been freelancing for some time you should realize the importance of maintaining a few solid client leads to balance out the effects of feast or famine. Sending pitches and getting referrals are two of […]


I recently taught a workshop at my coworking space that covered how small businesses and startups can get more media attention. A big part of being able to do this is to build the brand of you. What exactly do I mean by that? Media (and people in general) like experts. They need to know, […]

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