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We know that late payments can happen sometimes when you’re a freelancer or running a business. However, you don’t have to accept this as the norm. Late payments can disrupt your cash flow and also cost you to spend unnecessary time and energy following up and trying to track the paper trail. Want to know […]

how to save more money

When I first became a freelancer, I thought the lifestyle was great. I had control over when I worked, but I also had a ton of projects lined up for the month. I’d heard horror stories about how freelancing is feast or famine and I finally experienced it firsthand just a few months in. Over […]

freelance strategies

As a freelancer I can tell you that there are a lot of great benefits to being your own boss. You can set your own prices and work as much or as little as you want. There’s also nobody else looking over your shoulder or telling you what to do. There are drawbacks too, of […]

email tips for freelancers

So you want to freelance? Getting started is one of the hardest parts. You often need to present work samples to establish credibility if you can’t score a one-on-one interview to try to sell your service. If you don’t have samples yet, don’t worry. You can also obtain some starter gigs or do a quick […]

Client Contracts

A few weeks ago, I sent a pitch to a freelance writing client I was excited to work with. A few days went by and I didn’t hear anything. Then, I received the highly anticipated response email that went something like this. Hello, Chonce. After a careful review of your application and pitch, I’m sorry […]

Find Freelancer Work

One of the reasons why I enjoy freelancing so much is because I can choose my own clients and work with several if I please. Freelancing can seem more secure because instead of just having 1 job you work with several different clients. If you lose a client, it’s usually not the end of the […]


When I started freelancing a long, long time ago, there weren’t many options when it was time to get paid. That’s not saying that there weren’t any options available. It just means that compared to the numerous alternative payments at our fingertips today — which includes everything from debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, direct […]

Of all the responsibilities that freelancers must take charge of, there’s none more important than invoicing. After all, if you don’t invoice your client, then how can you expect to get paid for your services? Unfortunately, 77% of freelancers have reported that they’ve had trouble getting paid for their services. Since we’ve experienced this as well, we […]

If there’s one thing I could change about myself, I’d be a morning person. Mornings are always so hard for me. I don’t know why, but even if I get enough sleep, I always have to drag myself out of bed and crawl to the coffee pot. It usually takes a few hours for my […]

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