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When you think of invoicing, do you conjure up an image of someone hunched over a desk manually creating invoices? Or, do you think about generating invoices accurately and quickly through software? For most business owners and freelancers, paper-based invoicing is an ineffective, time-consuming, and antiquated method of sending out bills. Thanks to the growing popularity […]

Sending invoices, or bills, is one of the best parts of owning or running a business. Although they may be boring or time consuming to send out, sending them means you will get paid soon. There are multiple ways to invoice your clients or customers, but when it comes to paper vs online invoicing, which is better? […]

Paper invoices are a relic of the past. Thanks to the ease and convenience that online electronic invoicing has offered both individuals and organizations it’s no surprise that it’s becoming more prominent when it’s time to send out a bill. As e-invoicing continues to win over users, are some of the most interesting trends that […]

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