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High Risk Credit Card Processing & Fraud Prevention (1)

Merchants are assigned either in the high risk or low-risk category by credit card processors. Since most processors opt to do business with low-risk merchants because they’re not as risky, there aren’t a whole lot of merchant services that work with high-risk merchants. Why are merchants considered high risk? Let’s back-up for a second and […]

solution to combat chargebacks2

If you run a business, then chargebacks aren’t just a nuisance. They’re inevitable and potentially damning, especially for high risk businesses. They operate within a high risk industry or at a higher risk of financial failure, such as eCommerce, financial, or a business with health and safety concerns. Other factors include an excessive amount of chargeback rates, large […]

What Is The MATCH List

If you’re reading this article then it’s probably because you’ve just landed on the industry Terminated Merchant File, or the more commonly called MATCH list. And, not be over-dramatic here, this can be one of the worst things that can happen to a merchant. Being placed on this list means that your merchant account has […]

accepting credit cards 101

In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly competitive, accepting credit and debit cards is no longer a luxury for business owners. It’s a necessity. Credit and debit cards are so convenient, flexible, and popular among your customers that if you don’t accept plastic you may be losing out a sale. Additionally, accepting credit cards can […]

credit card processing services

There are times when it feels like a business owner has to make a thousand different decisions before their business even open its doors — and they do. However, one of the most important decisions is which credit card payment services exist, and which one will they choose. Without timely payments from customers, it’s an […]

Credit Card Payment Costs

Merchant accounts often come with significant fees, including a percentage of the total transaction plus a separate transaction fee. While Due offers a way to accept credit cards as payment for your invoices without needing a merchant account, you may wonder if there are still costs involved. When it comes to your Due.com, your account […]

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