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Dealing With Disputes

Often clients are the ones questioning an invoice and initiating invoice disputes, but the scenario can also play out in reverse. Contractors may have questions or comments on what they can and can’t include on the invoice before they send it. Recently, I worked with a contractor who asked to bill me for a bit […]

Client Contracts

If you are self-employed with no other employees, there’s nobody else to blame for business failures but yourself.  However, if you hire contractors, things can sometimes get tricky For one thing, you relinquish some control of your schedule. Projects you are working on that depend partly on them must be put on hold if they […]

meeting with team members

More clients and businesses are turning to contractors for labor needs rather than hiring staff to do the same jobs. Clients don’t have to train their contractors or provide the same benefits regular employees require. In addition, it is often less expensive to pay contractors than to hire full-time employees. But will contractors provide quality […]

Stacks of Money

When you have your own business you want to keep your contractors happy without paying more. One of the ways to be successful is through the hiring of quality contractors. Unfortunately, some business owners put little to no effort into keeping their contractors happy, resulting in a decrease in job performance, or the need to […]

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