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How many employees and clients does the platform accommodate

Starting out as a freelancer, I had no idea how to find high-paying clients. It seemed like all of my peers were getting jobs that paid well, but I could only find ones where I was making just enough to pay the bills. If you’re running into the same problem, know that there’s not something […]

time management

As an entrepreneur, it can hurt your business (and your feelings) if you lose your biggest client. Although it may seem like the end of the world, there are ways to gain control and bounce back. This happened to me and several other freelancers in the beginning of January. Two companies decided to restructure and stopped hiring […]

As a freelancer, feeling anxious every now and then when it comes to your clients is normal. Sometimes, clients can be unresponsive or they might be incredibly busy and don’t offer much feedback. All of this is very common, though. As a photographer, you won’t hear feedback from every single customer you have. As a writer, […]

The freelance business is a tricky one. When you are working for yourself, you don’t have the corporate infrastructure to handle all the formalities, namely getting paid. If you aren’t set to a recurring billing cycle, its always a little awkward asking for your payment. On the contrary, clients usually aren’t rushing to pay their […]

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