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If you run a business, then chargebacks aren’t just a nuisance. They’re inevitable and potentially damning, especially for high risk businesses. They operate within a high risk industry or at a higher risk of financial failure, such as eCommerce, financial, or a business with health and safety concerns. Other factors include an excessive amount of chargeback rates, large […]

Payment Processing Terms

Accepting a variety of payments from your customers has never been easier. However, there’s a misconception that you can simply electronically invoice a client, request a mobile card from Square, or add a shopping cart to your site and that’s it. While processing payments should be as stress-free as possible, in order for you to […]


If you accept debit and credit cards as a payment option, then you may already be aware of chargebacks. According to many retailers, merchants, and business owners, chargebacks seem to be on the rise, which can be costly for your bottom line. That’s why we created this infographic to help you better understand what chargebacks […]

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