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computer security protection

I recently had an accident with one of my business tech tools. I was working away on my MacBook when I accidentally spilled a glass of water on it. Needless to say, it’s fried. Because I didn’t have Apple Care (I never use it), there was nothing that could be done. Heck, even with Apple […]

paid off debt

During the months of August and September, I was in a bit of a business slump. As much as I tried to be as focused as I usually am, I found myself failing miserably. To be fair to myself, I’d just come off of several months of frequent travel. I’d also just moved, launched a […]

financial habits

When you’re a small business owner you wear many hats. Maker, promoter, accountant and yes, the face of the brand. When it’s just you and maybe one other person representing your company, what you do matters. How you conduct yourself in public matters. A lot.  It’s easier than ever to find exposure for yourself and […]

Security at Due

Given the extreme weather happening all over the U.S. lately, we are naturally having conversations about security precautions. However, you shouldn’t wait until a disaster strikes in order to think about this. By then it’s too late. Here are five security precautions business owners need to take on a regular basis. These will help protect […]


I often get asked how on earth I’m able to attract opportunity in my business. At this point, most clients and deals are coming to me. I also have serendipitous things happen all the time, like a major celebrity being at my co-working space – but that’s a story for another time. The reason people […]

We’ve got three months left in 2017. Sometimes we get so caught up in planning for the future that we miss the opportunities of today.  Before you dive into planning for the next year, make sure that you’re maximizing everything you can from this year. Three months is still plenty of time to make things […]

marketing your business globally

At just about every business event I’ve been to this year, one theme keeps coming up. That theme is the notion that as a business owner, you probably aren’t marketing your business enough. I’ve also seen several colleagues posting about this. I was recently perusing my Facebook feed when one of my friends (and amazing […]

2017 Budget

I’m a firm believer that the cornerstone of a successful business is understanding finances. Or, at the very least, partnering with someone who does. That being said, there are several financial lessons business owners (including myself) learn the hard way. In an effort to help you avoid struggling to learn these financial lessons, I’ve decided […]

remote work

There will come a time in our lives when we are forced to take time off from our businesses. For me, this recently looked like a hurricane. For you, it can be another type of emergency that forces you to stop working. I recently lost about a week of work due to circumstances outside of […]

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