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One day during your morning commute you notice that one of your tires looks like it’s losing air. Instead of putting air in the tire, you go on with your daily routine. On your way to work, you have a blowout. If you had taken care of the car immediately, you probably wouldn’t be dealing with […]

Stay motivated

Being your own boss — whether if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner — is the ultimate dream. You get to do what you love, set your own schedule, and create your own lifestyle. At the same time, you’re solely responsible for the progress, goal setting, and performance of yourself and your business. […]

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As a business owner, I’m sure that you’re juggling a million different tasks. That’s why you need a calendar tool to remind you of key appointments, events, and deadlines. A calendar can also keep you organized when it comes to other important business tasks, such as when to bill and publish fresh content. So the question […]

remote work

When you’re young, single, and full of energy, putting in a 12 hour workday isn’t that big of a deal. But, when you realize that you need a healthy work-life balance, putting in such long work days are no longer a priority. Maybe it’s because you want to have quality time with your family or […]

productivity tips

There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. While it’s true that both are able to check items off of their to-do-lists, productive check off the right items. Instead of just doing things to get them done, productive people focus on the ways that are going to have to biggest impact in both their […]

Reasons To Track Your Time

I get asked all the time, what are your reasons to track your time? William Penn once said, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” Not exactly correct English — but you know what’s being said. As a business owner, it’s easy to relate to that statement. Before starting to track […]

work from home Consultant

One of the reasons why people opt for the freelance life is the liberty it provides. As a freelancer, you get to choose when, where and how to work. This freedom of choice leads most freelancers to choose to work from home. While working from home is amazing, it does have its own downsides. In fact, […]

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