Save Time To Scale Up Your Business Starting Today

Time To Scale Up your business

Who couldn’t use a little more time to scale up your business? Once your business gets off the ground, you’ll find it practically impossible to do every little thing yourself. Outsourcing becomes a necessary time saver and also becomes your lifesaver.

Getting to the next level with your business means you have to make some changes to how you run your business. The way to give yourself a little more time each day is by tweaking your business management practices.

In order to achieve big things, you have to make sure that the small things run smoothly. Here are three things that can make your busy business life easier.

Streamline Your Payments

Creating invoices is one of my least favorite parts of being a writer. It takes time away from writing, and I have no interest in it. With no hidden fees and a simple integration, Due is the answer. You can create and track invoices, seeing who has paid and who hasn’t.

Due can accept credit card payments, apply discounts and automate late payment reminders. Offload your invoicing and payments to Due and focus on your work. Due also has several guides which those who are in careers like freelancers, consultants, or photography will find useful!

Browser Extensions

If you use Google Chrome, here are two extensions you need in your life yesterday. OneTab will condense your multiple open tabs into one. For someone like me, who seems to constantly have 20 different tabs open, this has been one of those time savers, if not a lifesaver. It keeps me organized and stops Chrome from slowing down.

Grammarly is another one that you must have. It checks the spelling and grammar of anything that you type online – emails, Tweets, etc. It’s a quick way to do a spell check. Make sure what you’re sending out into the internet is spelled correctly!

Time To Scale Up Your Email Hacks

For me, email is a huge time suck. I constantly check it, and I find it gets a little unorganized quite easily. Apply this rule – only read an email if you’re ready to reply to it in that moment. If not — sorry pal.

Try carving out 30 minute periods throughout the day where you power through your email. Don’t just leave the tab open and check everything as it comes in. You’ll slow yourself down and mess with your daily to-do list.

Small time savers will add up to hours of your life back inyo your control. As your business grows, you want to worry less about the small things. Focus on getting to the next level. Productivity hacks like these will help you do that.

If you want more, check out this link.

Bonus: you’ll decrease your stress levels as you increase your business. It’s a win all around!