Small business owners like startup founders and freelancers want to take advantage of the world of opportunity that the online environment offers, but they need to have a payments company partner that helps them navigate through many challenges. In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, Due Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton notes some key things to look for in a payments provider. The first is the ability to help a small business owner serve a global market of customers and prospects. The second is to select a payments company that does not hit you with an excessive amount of fees many of which are unnecessary. Lastly, security has become a critical area and one that has generated significant risk, so it’s important to find a payments company that has you covered when it comes to protecting customer data. You can read the original article here.

It’s also a good idea to educate yourself about the payments industry, maintaining a working knowledge of the trends, issues, and regulatory environment that can impact your small business. Due has a payments topic category as part of our blog that features expert advice that can help you make more informed decisions.


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