The Next Web Lists 13 Ways Companies Should Improve Data Security in Age of IoT

Due former employee and YEC member Peter Daisyme offered his advice to The Next Web on the ways in which companies should improve data security in the age of IoT. His advice was to use a two-step verification process.

As he explained, “Having a two-step verification process adds another layer of protection for data, which is essential when there are so many devices now being connected together with the same username and password. Longer passwords are also part of this extra security measure, making it more difficult to compromise the system.”

Other advice from YEC members included have a backup in place, plan and protect for a security breach, consult an expert, add a web application firewall and real-time backup, and remain secure, vigilant, and resilient. Other advice included reduce the amount of digitized confidential information, store data in the cloud with strict permission levels, change passwords every 90 days, and use a mobile device management approach. You can read the original article here.

Payment data can be especially important to maintain a high level of security. There are new rules for payments data that you need to know if you work with any type of transactions.


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