Since mobile payments are constantly listed among the trends for retailers and businesses to serve consumers and business customers, it’s important that a startup add this strategy to their business as they set up their operations. LeapRate has put together a list of some of the top mobile payment systems for startups based on criteria that includes cost, ease of setup and use, functionality and features, security and customer service. Due was named as one of these top mobile payment systems.

Due was differentiated from the other mobile payment systems on the list for it ability to provide international payments,  a low flat-rate transaction fee of 2.8 percent, a digital wallet, ACH payments, and integration with PayPal and Stripe for additional payment options as well as additional features like time tracking and online invoicing. Other mobile payment systems on the list included Square, Flint, WePay, Braintree and Adyen just to name a few. You can read the original article here.

Beyond just having a mobile payment solution, it’s important that startups understand the trends, issues, models, platforms and regulatory environment that guides today’s payment industry in order to make informed decisions. Check out our blog, which covers numerous payments topics that affect startups and small business owners.


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