An article for iMedia Connections enlisted’s Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton’s opinion on the types of things a startup should look for when hiring a digital marketing agency. He noted that specific campaign examples that were done in the past offer a measure of the type of return that the digital marketing agency could return for a startup. If they don’t have these examples or specific metrics, then they are not the company to work with.

The article also noted other factors to look for in a digital marketing agency related to client longevity, point of contact, specific marketing and business niche experience, the types of questions they ask and the type of plan they offer in relation to a startup’s needs. Of course, one of the industry experts asked also noted that, as a startup, it may not make sense to be hiring a digital marketing agency when that startup can handle these tasks and knows themselves the best. You can read the original article here.

As part of digital marketing, social media marketing plays an integral role in targeting and engaging with your audience. Check out this blog post on the seven must-do social media marketing actions for your business.




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