While some freelancers were first adopters and had to deal with some challenges along the way, Millennials have it much easier now that technology has helped address many of those previous barriers. Thanks to a wide range of online tools, apps, and websites, it’s never been easier to find clients, communicate with them, send invoices, collaborate on projects and more. With the increasing number of freelancers has come even more tools and apps to help this growing workforce. Forbes named ten of the best tools for millennial freelancers, including Due, which was noted for its features like an encrypted digital wallet that has been integrated with an online invoicing system, time tracking tool, and credit card processing. Other tools for millennial freelancers on the list included Sighted, Buildfire,Weebly, Proposify, Brand24, Dribble, Timely, Streak and Wunderlist. You can read the original article here.

Besides changing how we work, millennials are also altering the banking industry. Check out how in this Due blog post on “Millennials and Banking.”






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